Where are the thunderstorms?

Another warning for severe thunderstorms
Photo Credit: Johannes Plenio, Pexels.com

It has been very hot for days and will continue to stay that way for a while. To have a chance of thunderstorms, the wind would have to change direction. Weather bureau Weerplaza doesn’t foresee this happening anytime soon. 

Dry air

“There is simply not enough moisture in the atmosphere at the moment,” said the weather man. “Dry air is present throughout. The air is also not unstable enough. If you really want heavy thunderstorms, you need that instability.

What usually also helps are showers in the south of Europe. “For example, those that form above France and come our way with the air current. But that is not the case now because we have a north easterly wind. This means that these showers cannot come closer if they form above France or Belgium”.

Klaassen explained: ‘We need a little more moisture in our supply direction. We have now reached 30 degrees with an easterly wind, giving dry summer weather. You can also get these kinds of temperatures with a southern supply. The chance of thunderstorms is then much greater, because you have to deal with the moisture that comes from the Mediterranean Sea. This can lead to showers above France that are carried our way with that southern current. In short, when the current turns, the chance of thunderstorms increases.”

Temperature drop

The temperature will drop slightly in the coming days, compared to the past four days. “But I doubt whether you will really feel that. I assume that it will be around 30 degrees again this Tuesday in a large part of Brabant. Especially the east of the province, but I do not exclude that this will also be the case in the west. With a lot of sun. We may see a few small stacking clouds in the afternoon, but they will not affect things at all”.

For the rest of this week, the wind will blow a little more from the north and bring in slightly cooler air. “But we still have a summer temperature. I think we can assume 27 to 29 degrees, with the sun continuing to shine. We may see some more cumulus clouds on Wednesday and Thursday, but of no consequence. The first precipitation that I now see on the weather maps is after the weekend”.

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translated by: Seetha

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