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Poverty in Eindhoven is rising. The number of people who have a job and still cannot make ends meet has increased. That is why residents with an income of up to 150 percent of the social assistance standard should also be eligible for minima schemes, according to poverty organisations in the city.


In addition to raising the standard, the FNV also advocates a higher minimum wage of 14 euros. “A higher minimum wage would make a big difference. You shouldn’t just survive, you need to be able to live”, said the FNV chairman Koppelmans. “Puzzling every month over how to make ends meet causes a lot of worry and stress. Your mental health is deteriorating. That also has consequences for your employer”.


“More and more people are going to the food bank. Many more residents rely on all kinds of lowest income schemes”. The rising poverty is mainly due to the high energy costs and inflation. “These high costs mean that people with a job can no longer make ends meet”.

The standard for these schemes in Eindhoven is now 120 percent of the social minimum. “Several municipalities already have a standard of 130 percent, but if you want to help everyone, the standard must go to 150 percent,” said Koppelmans. Together with the SME, he is asking the city council to assist more.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Seetha


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