Many activities remain possible on De Landsard

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De Landsard, an area close to Eindhoven Airport, has long been the place to be for motorcross, karting and jetski. The municipality intends to ensure that these sports will remain possible in the future. Most activities, such as motorcross and GoKart, will continue to be offered. Jetski-activities on De Landsardseplas will become legal.

De Landsard, the municipality recognises, is an important site for lovers of these sports. That is why the municiplaity wants to give it some serious attention, also because the number of so-called wild riders -motor cross riders with no permit- is on the rise. To combat this trend, there should be enough legal possibilities in the region. The municipality plans to make De Lansard more attractive by adding facilities such as cafeterias, changing rooms and parking spaces.

Vehicle restrictions

There is a restricton on the types of vehicles allowed on the site. Cross motors, karts and jetskis have an environmental licence, which allows for their continued use. However, 4×4 car and quad riders do not such licences, and their activities will therefore no longer be permitted. The reason is the nitrogen these vehicles emit. The same justification renders an extension of the karting circuit out of the question.


Moreover, putting a stop to quad and 4×4 activity will benefit the soil as well as the roots of trees, shrubs and plants in the area. The quads and 4x4s caused considerable damage. Another advantage is the reduction in the level of noise some people living in the area experience. Noise pollution, by the way, is not just a byproduct of De Landard. It is an accumulation of spoerts activities and Eindhoven Airport and the airbase in the area.

Big events

There may also be more activities on De Landsard. The area is included in an investigation by the municipalities around Eindhoven to find suitable loactions for big open-air events.


Legalisation of the jetski-activities means the lake is no longer open to the public. The lake currently has a temporary fence, but in order to ensure the safety on and around the water, a permanent barrier will probably be needed.

These changes in the status of De Landsard mean that the municipality needs to  reconsider their long-term plans with the land. The original intention was to sell it, and the College wants to see whether those plans are still the best starting point.

Translated by: Greta

Source: Studio040

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