Waste paper bins issued

Waste paper ins are distributed Photo credit: Studio040

In the church village of Acht, the  kick-off for the use of waste bins for paper and cardboard happened on Monday. All households with a garden will receive such a blue paperbin. With this, the municipality and waste company Cure want to separate the waste even better. 

The rollout of the blue paper containers follows a decision by the city council. According to the municipality, this can contribute to better waste separation and reuse. The municipality makes new paper from old waste. That saves raw materials, is cheaper and much better for the environment. Furthermore, in bad weather, the paper waste will no longer be blown through the streets.

It is expected that the majority of households will need a large container. The containers are available in one size: 240 litre capacity.

Council member Rik Thijs and director of Cure Frans van Strijp distributed the first bins on Monday (at the Verzetsheldenlaan).

In Eindhoven, the bins are emptied once every four weeks.

Source: Studio040

Translated  by: Seetha



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