Rain, sleet and slippery roads

A bird enjoying its moment on cold waters and sleet. Picture courtesy: Pixabay

Spring may have arrived, but we should still prepare for a few more snow showers this week. According to Weerplaza, it is highly questionable whether the snow will last but the roads will certainly get slippery.

Monday started off wet with a few showers and wet snow. Much of the afternoon remains dry with clouds and even an occasional glimpse of the sun. Night time temperatures will remain well above zero. With a portion of the softer air moving upward, it will be a wet evening though.

Tuesday will see a good amount of precipitation during the day and, it will freeze later at  night. Gritting trucks will be on the road to prevent the slipperiness. The slipperiness is not expected to be severe either.

The weather gets better as we progress into the week. Wednesday and Thursday will see some showers but the sun will peak regularly too. Over the weekend, temperatures will rise up further but, it will be wet and windy.

Overall, it seems to be a cold start for March.

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translated by: Seetha


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