Golden Oldies at Veldhoven

Lovers of old timer and classic cars were in for a treat. Sunday, the first edition of HAP’s Golden Oldies took place at Veldhoven.

Old timer and vintage car owners showed their vehicles during this HAP event. About a hundred cars were on display. They were parked along Veldhoven’s Schoolstraat, Mariaplein and Sagenstraat. A wide range of brands could be admired.

The Volvo brand was especially well represented. There was a special corner for the ‘Duetten Club‘. The event was organized by HAP and the Volvo Klassieker Vereniging. There were 45 Volvo Duetts on display.

The organizers want to turn this show into a regular, annual event. Hans van den Berg took the initiative. He sells car parts. He hit upon the idea for a display, because he met a lot of vintage car lovers through his business.

‘If you’re lucky, there are suddenly several vintage cars in your company’s car park. You notice some kind of impromptu meeting takes place’, according to van den Berg.

Apart from the vintage car show, a car boot sales and a doll prams’ race took place as well.


Source: Studio 040


Translator: Kate

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