Self-improving light art in Van Abbemuseum during GLOW

A light art work that continously improves on the basis of collected data will be on display for the first time during light festival GLOW in the Van Abbemuseum. The goal is to keep visitors looking at the artwork for longer.

The average time that someone looks at a piece of art is 28.63 seconds. The light artwork ‘Tunnel vision 3.0′ wants to extend that time and ensure that spectators become relaxed while looking at the work.

Using sensors, the artwork collects data about the average time people spend looking at it. By measuring visitors’ hand movements the artwork knows how long a person stays and how quiet that person is.

‘Tunnel vision 3.0’ has two variations. The version in which visitors stay the longest and calmest is the ‘best’ version of the two. The other version is then removed and replaced by a new, improved variation. The piece will then measure again which is ‘best’. Thus there is always a new, optimised variation that puts the evolution of the work of art in motion.

‘Tunnel vision 3.0’ can be seen in the Van Abbemuseum from 11 to 19 November.


Translated by: Bob

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