Health care insurance changeable once a year

Only once a year, from mid-November to 31 December, you can change your health care insurance policy.

It is worthwhile to review your health insurance coverage during this period. There may be changes in your policy or your personal circumstances might have changed. For example, you are planning to become pregnant or there are new medical complaints.

Your insurer will publish or inform you about the changes in your policy, but it is always good to take an active approach to checking what you need.

The new coverage is valid for another year again. (Only in very few circumstances you can change during the year.)

Here you can find the general changes for 2018.

Healthcare insurance in the Netherlands is obligatory for all residents but for international people it can be quite challenging to choose the right insurance company, to sign up for the right package, let alone dealing with claims. Here you can compare insurers.

SGE International, Holland Expat Center South, and CZ have organised a workshop evening where they will explain all about insurances, costs, and coverage in the Netherlands. This workshop is on 30 November 2017, from 18:00 to 20:00 at the Hampshire hotel in Eindhoven.

Organisers say, “Internationals have questions like ‘Is my family insured too?’ or ‘What is covered in the basic package?’ and ‘What about costs when I am travelling?’ We like to address all those topics because it is quite difficult to understand the Dutch health care insurance system. Already for Dutch people it is challenging”.

Here you can sign up for the event

Note: the event is free but you need to register through the expat center website!

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