Garbage bin shortage GLOW addressed

Garbage bin shortage GLOW addressed

After the opening weekend of the light event GLOW, Ergon is busy combatting bulky trash cans on a large-scale.

Tens of thousands of visitors found their way to Eindhoven during the first GLOW days to admire all the artworks of light. At the countless food stands along the route they consumed the necessary chocolate milk or “glow wein “. And where do you leave such a plastic or cardboard cup then? In the garbage bin naturally. And there lay the issue during the opening weekend. Many trash cans were overloaded.

Social workplace Ergon has been asked by the organization of the light event to deal with the waste bin problem. A lot of trash cans will be added. “Sunday evening it was indeed a mess, but Monday evening it was super clean again,” says a company spokesman.

Ergon starts with emptying bins in the morning at 05.00. It depends on the hustle and bustle of the city if they will do that during the evening as well. For example, during the opening weekend, this was not possible due to the crowds present in Eindhoven.

Source: Studio040

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