‘Make Eindhoven Region one municipaltiy’

All 21 municipalities in Zuidoost-Brabant should join together as on large municipality, according to Helmond alderman Frans Stienen in the ED.

According to the alderman, the region needs a larger scale, for the big, cross-border policy topics, such as economy, roads, housing construction or security.

He also believes that the decision-making process is inefficient and slow-moving, with its 21 municipal councils and boards and the current partnerships. This is apparent during efforts to draw in foreign businesses, for example, or to improve the regional housing market. Not enough is being achieved in those fields. Which is why a reorganisation is necessary, according to the Helmond alderman.

Stienen emphasises that district and village councils could still do their work in the case of smaller-scale topics, such as more greenery in the village or issues surrounding sports clubs.

The population of the Zuidoost-Brabant region is around 750,000.


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