MMC and Trudo to work together on health of inhabitants

MMC and Trudo healthy living in Eindhoven
MMC and Trudo collaboration - Pic credit: Trudo

The Maxima Medisch Centrum (MMC) and Trudo housing association are going to work together to come up with new ways to contribute to the vitality and health of the inhabitants of Eindhoven. The collaboration might result in pilots projects in two neighborhoods, and setting up an Experience Center at Strijp-S.

MMC and Trudo are collaborating to implement a healthy lifestyle for the Eindhoven residents. They emphasise that vitality, prevention, and lifestyle are important when it comes to staying healthy. Jan Harm Zwaveling, chairman of the MMC Board of Directors, explains that “To provide the best quality and affordable care as a top clinical hospital, we want to make preventative care and a vital lifestyle part of future care. The people’s residential area plays an important part in having a healthy lifestyle. We must look for ways to reduce the burden on hospitals by providing more care at home”.

Involving residents

The collaborative project is expected to start in September. These pilot projects are expected to seek connections with new co-operation partners as well as existing initiatives. These projects are also expected to exchange knowledge with various parties about the vitality and health of inhabitants.

Ultimately, MMC and Trudo want to create a ‘test residence’ in which all kinds of technological applications can be tested and tried out. The experience gained from the project will be used later in the construction of new residential areas. In addition to this, these residential areas will encourage preventive care and a vital lifestyle. This initiative might be a starting point for healthy living during this pandemic situation.


Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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