Noise pollution is caused after the noise barrier installation in Blixembosch

Noise barrier in Blixembosch
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Noise pollution is caused after the noise barrier installation in Blixembosch. The CDA (Christian Democratic Appeal) political party in the Netherlands wants an explanation for the increase in noise pollution. It has increased considerably after the installation of a noise barrier in Blixembosch

Noise barrier in Blixembosch

A noise barrier screen has been installed in the Blixembosch area recently to reduce the noise pollution in that area. The screen should reduce the noise from traffic on the A50 and the Kennedylaan, but it seems to have the opposite effect. The CDA wants to know why the noise barrier leads to noise pollution in the Blixembosch area. The barrier is installed above the tunnel on the A50 to Ekkersrijt industrial area.

Reports of noise pollution

After the installation of the sound barrier, there has been a lot of complaints about noise pollution. Residents who have been living there for more than twenty years claim that the situation is worse than before. The theoretical calculations and noise reports indicate that erecting a noise barrier would reduce noise pollution. But in practice, the noise barrier proves not to be a success. The traffic committee of the Blixembosch neighborhood association had already suspected this issue in advance.


The CDA has requested an explanation from the council. First of all, the political party wants to know how there can be such a difference between the theoretical calculation and the actual noise pollution experienced by the residents. Councillors Remco van Dooren and Rob Gordon also want to know whether the municipal executive is prepared to measure the noise level. They should also take into account the fact that traffic will increase in the coming years. Moreover, the group hopes that the council will be able to take action if it turns out that noise pollution has increased.

Noise hole

The noise barriers are placed at a distance of twenty meters from the earth walls on both sides of the bicycle tunnel. As a result, an open connection between the A50 and the neighborhood can be seen and heard. The CDA suspects noise pollution has increased due to the position of the barriers. Maybe a change of place of the noise barrier can help in reducing noise pollution. To decide this, further investigation might be required.


Translated by: Anitha Sevugan


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