Tuniñas and Tunas take the streets on September 21

Several Tuniñas and Tunas groups perform at 5 well known bars during the yearly ‘Noche de Tuna‘ festival, on Friday September 21. On September 22nd they perform at the Wim van Doorne kiosk at the Stadswandelpark.

Over many years the Tunas and Tuniñas grew a solid base in Eindhoven. What started with mainly Spanish and South American students, now also attracts many local people. So these days its are very international groups, with a huge passion for traditional Spanish music, and sometimes less traditional music.

They will play as of 19.00 in and around these bars:

– Café de Wildeman: Markt 10, 5611 EB Eindhoven
– Café Dommel 18: Dommelstraat 18, 5611 CK Eindhoven
– Eetcafé D’n Hertog: Stationsplein 16, 5611 AB Eindhoven
– Eetcafé Publiek: Markt 20, 5611 EC Eindhoven
– Carrousel Eindhoven: Markt 35, 5611 EC Eindhoven

So bring your friends, check out the music, have a drink and get carried away by their music.


For Eindhovennews by Remco

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