Hysteria in Beursgebouw: bra’s and panties for a pittance

Hysteria in Beursgebouw: bras and panties for a pittance

‘Busy, but clarifying’. This is how visitors in the Beursgebouw describe the Hunkemöller Factory Sales.

Tuesday is the first day of the event that lasts until Friday. Many, many women zigzag between the large shelves with bras in all shapes and sizes. The men in the hall can be counted on one hand. They walk, often a bit stupefied, behind ‘their wife’. “This is mandatory,” one laughs.

‘You can never have enough lingerie’
Twice a year the lingerie giant organizes a factory sale in the Beursgebouw. What is not sold in the stores from the summer or winter collection is thrown on one big heap and transported to Eindhoven. From far and wide, women of all ages come to the city to make their move. Because bras are expensive and it is quite nice to be done for six or seven euros for once. ‘You can never have enough lingerie’, says a smiling visitor with a bag full of underwear.

Source: Studio040

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