Manifestations – Will the Future Design Us?

This is the main question during a exhibition of ‘Manifestations‘ in the Veemgebouw on Strijp S, during the Dutch Design Week from October 20-28. They combine art, design and technology in their fascinating and diverse program.

Eindhoven is the tech area of the Netherlands. It is the place where smart technologies are born. Technologies have more and more impact in our daily lives, our society and in our being-human. But at who’s service is this all happening? Is everyone still able to participate? Are these developments good or healthy for all of us? Which roles do we actually want technology to have in our lives?

Artists, like no others, are able to put technology and unstoppable developments in a different, unexpected perspective. They approach technology not as profit driven future solutions to increase convenience, but research, play, ask and show how it can add to a sweeter, more human world.

Manifestations focuses the spotlight on art and projects which investigate the ‘matches’ and ‘mismatches’ between people and technology. For example, become acquainted with clothing that takes care of you, AI that teases or protects you, fighting robots or robots that just help a hand. In short: art and technology with a human dimension: sometimes confronting and sometimes a perfect match, but always critical, playful, recognizable and grandiose.

Here just one question remains: Will the Future Design Us?
Innovation and technology are always in motion, that is the reason why every year Manifestations chooses the most state-of-the-art, singular, and genuine Art&Design&Tech works to be exhibited during the Dutch Design Week. Coming to the only place where the future is now, everybody is invited to find out the answer to our question by experience.

For Eindhovennew by Remco

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