Expedition Noord-Brabant

Photo by Niv Rozenberg

On October 12, 13 and 14, the Project Landing organizes its first expedition for foreigners living in Eindhoven area completely free of costs.

The expedition aims to give newcomers an opportunity to get in touch with the local environment, culture, locals and fellow foreigners through hiking and biking around Eindhoven.

The expedition consists of three days of cultural and leisure-pace physical activities offered in different places around Noord-Brabant where all participants will engage in gatherings, discussions, hiking activities, will learn about the animals, vegetation and water management of this area of the Netherlands. The participants will not only get a good touch and feel of the place but also will learn basic knowledge of how to ‘read’ this new environment. The expedition will be guided by experts from the Natuurmonumenten (nature preservation association), Waterschap De Dommel (waterboard), students of Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and local partners as Groendomein Wasven.

Picture by Robin Vet


Several activities are planned for the three days of expedition that start early in the morning somewhere about 15 minutes biking from the city center of Eindhoven and finish in the evening.



The first day involves learning some aspects of the local culture and the history of Eindhoven and surroundings with locals and experts on Dutch geography and history. Our local partner Wasven will be the host (Wasven is a foundation that protects and develops the historical green part of the city Tongelre. Wasven grows its own bio-vegetables and offers some unique facilities as well as an organic restaurant and a bakery and all that just 12 minutes biking from the city center.

The second day of expedition foresees biking and hiking in the nature around Eindhoven to discover the wild life and vegetation present in this area and how water (from the sea, rivers and the ground) is managed here. This day will be guided by experts from the Natuurmonumenten and waterschap De Dommel.

Picture by Alice Donovan Rouse


There is an extra optional activity foreseen for those that would like to spend the night at a farmhouse during the expedition where the participants will cook together and gather at a fireplace or bonfire to share stories and experiences.


The last day is a field trip to the sea side of the Netherlands by bus which is included in the program completely free of charge, this way the newcomers will have the opportunity to experience how the landscape can change drastically even in a short distance and get an even better understanding of the Netherlands.


Eindhoven is inhabited by thousands of foreigners which often don’t feel at home in the Netherlands, sometimes even after years living in the country, therefore, the Project Landing aims to make expats feel more at home by properly presenting them the culture and nature of the place they live in while connecting and sharing stories with other people from several different countries and backgrounds.


Stichting Project Landing is a non-profit organization supported by the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Natuurmonumenten, Province Noord-Brabant, Province Holland Zuid, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Pure Energie Fonds, which is also the reason why this pilot expedition can be offered free of charge in spite of the expert team involved and will be an adventure not only for the participants but also for the team involved. With this first expedition Stichting Project Landing will be developing an experience that goes beyond any touristic clichés. The expedition will be offered in the future annually for a reasonable price.


If you are interested in joining the expedition, please contact Diana Bizarro via Facebook or e-mail (dianaeliza.bizarro@gmail.com).

There are up to 30 places available and the subscription can be submitted until the September 7th after a short conversation to clarify possible questions and further details about the event.


For Eindhoven News: Diana

Main picture by: Niv Rozenberg

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