Park Hilaria is in town till Aug 12th

Park Hilaria

The yearly ‘Park Hilaria’ has started last Friday and is open until Sunday 12th. 90 rides and attractions over a 600 meter stretch are awaiting the public to join them. There are also plenty of foodstalls, terraces and many performances of, mainly Dutch, artists and DJ’s.  The entrance is free and its in the Southern part of the Kennedy laan.

In the previous century Eindhoven knew many local ‘kermisses’, almost every neighborhood had their own kermis. Some bigger then others, but in general they had the appeal of local fairgrounds of smaller towns. Very nice for the locals, but not something to  attract many remote people. However in 2002 the local government decided to group it all together, to have the appeal of a big city fair. Therefore they created Park Hilaria, that combines all fairs together and therefore brings fun for every one, has their own terraces and places to eat. It now takes place for the 17th time.

There are also many artists. They mainly focus on the ‘typical’ Dutch entertainment and songs. Maybe not everybodies taste, but it gives a good idea of the Dutch culture as its still alive with the common people. Also traditional Dutch snacks like poffertjes and typical ‘kermis food’ is present. As the entree is free, and kids always seems to love it, it sure its worth a visit.

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