Eindhoven company offers electric scooters to British veterans

Eindhoven’s Scootmobiel Specialist offers two of mobility scooters for the elderly, to two British WWII veterans.

Joe Cattini and Bill Pendel will be able to use the scooters for free during their visit.

On 18th September, Eindhoven celebrates its liberation from occupying Nazi forces. Two of the men involved in liberating the town and region, will return to the Netherlands. Joe Cattini and Bill Pendel will not just attend cremonies and celebrations, but also share stories with younger generations at schools.

It has become a tradition for veterans to visit the Netherlands to join liberation celebrations. The two British veterans are now well into their ninety’s. Though sprightly, they need help to get around.

The Eindhoven-based company offers two mobility scooters for free. This ensures the two veterans can attend ceremonies, celebrations and move around town easily.

The 18-September-Stichting is delighted. This assistance ensures the veterans will not just be able to attend ceremonies. They will find their stay less taxing. For the two men will not just attend a day of celebrations. They will also spend a few days visiting schools to World War II experiences with youngsters.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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