Party in the Park

We hope you found out that Eindhoven has quite a few nice public parks. Especially with this tropical weather.

One of the most central ones is the Stadswandelpark (just to manage expectations, it is not called Central Park). This is a nice relaxing venue to visit, stroll around, have a drink, a workout, or just relax on the grass, so if you haven’t visited it already, we can certainly recommend it, just by yourself or bring your family. Also note that the park is almost seamless connected with the Genneper Parken, so if you like green spaces, close to your home, this is the place.

To motivate you even more, this weekend (June 1-3) is probably one of the best times to visit it, as long as you like music, wine, beer or food.. and frankly which Eindhoven News reader doesn’t. There is a family-friendly festival called Slow! Park from Friday to Sunday (check the website for more details), where you can visit the park, and also taste and drink wines, all kinds of food, a biergarten and much more.

So check it out, there is something for everyone, even the very health conscious ones, and enjoy it, alone, with your friends or family. Or try to meet up with some of the members of our community, to share this great Park-experience.

For Eindhoven News by Remco

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