Warm welcome to thousands of students in introduction week

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Thousands of students started the introduction week this week. They take a  guided tour through the city, and play traditional Dutch games. On the TU site, prospective international and national students were able to get acquainted with associations and activities in Eindhoven.

Life skills

Students with colourful shirts in the city centre in Eindhoven can only mean one thing: the introduction week for students has started again. “We introduce the future students to Eindhoven. This time we also have the crazy ’88’ points card. It contains the weirdest assignments,” explains one of the supervisors. “For example, having to sit in an ambulance, fire truck or police car with the flashing lights on. That will be quite a task…”

Sports clubs

The prospective students at the Technical University got to know the student associations and other organisations in the city on Tuesday afternoon. “There is something for everyone. There are various sports clubs that students can join, but also student associations. And it doesn’t matter whether you come from the Netherlands or not,” explains supervisor Mariska Jansen.

Social Safety

The intro-parents received training in social safety in preparation for the intro week. “After MeToo and the scandals at The Voice of Holland, we thought it was necessary. We wanted prospective students to feel socially safe. Students who are new have not yet been able to go wild in a large group due to corona. So, the intro parents know what to do with certain behaviors,” says Jansen

Pub crawl and Purple festival

besides the guided tours and introductions, the inevitable pub crawl should not be missed during the introduction week. “Alcohol can be consumed every day from four p.m. So we start with a kind of pub crawl. Not every pub is open then, but we do have our own party,” says a supervisor.

The warm welcome video can be enjoyed by watching here

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani

Source: Studio040

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