Eindhoven is getting ready for the hottest day on Tuesday

Sunbathing in De Bennekel Photo credit: Studio040 Alain Heeren

With the expected high temperatures, measures are being taken all over the city to protect people and animals from the heat.

In a tiled front garden, a lady is sunbathing in her bikini, with a T-shirt over her eyes and music in her ears. She doesn’t notice the two neighbours who have passed by three times already. Would they be concerned? The temperature is already rising to above 33 degrees.

The rest of the city is preparing itself with heat-resistant measures for the hottest day of the heat wave. Heat protocols come into effect at schools, companies and nursing homes. For instance, the students of the primary school De Hasselbraam can be picked up from school by 12 noon. The morning program in many schools has been scrapped and replaced by water games. GGD Corona test streets are only open in the morning. 

Measures are also being taken in nursing homes to prevent seniors from overheating. Fans, windows, doors and curtains remain closed and the atmosphere is kept as calm as possible. At the zoo Dierenrijk, elephants and penguins are provided with ice creams and, dog saloons get busy to remove thick layers of fur from pets.


Source: Studio040

Translated by: Seetha


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