City to prevent cultural institutions from going under

Source: Studio040/Alain Heeren

The large cultural institutions in Eindhoven cannot go under because of the corona crisis. That will however cost the municipality of Eindhoven a large amount of money. This is according to cultuur Eindhoven.

Institutions such as the Effenaar and Muziekgebouw have been closed for three months. Despite anti-coronavirus measures being relaxed, it offers no solution for these institutions.  It could still be months before they can open their doors to the public. It is also unclear how they will reopen and what that would mean financially.

“We’re trying to prevent institutions from suddenly going under” says Tanja Mlaker from cultuur Eindhoven. It is difficult for organisations to adjust to the new limitations. Also when they are allowed to open again.”

De grote podia is dependent on ticket sales and revenue from hospitality. Only allowing 30 to 100 people per performance makes matters complex. It is already clear that would lead to a loss. But closing-down for good is also not an option.

“This is a crucial part of the city that has to be preserved”, says Mlaker. “They can’t go under. The responsibility lies with both sides.”

Cultuur Eindhoven are leading the discussions surrounding financial solutions. One thing is clear – they don’t have to be worried about having less performances and visitors than agreed to for the subsidy.

Last week the municipality started an emergency fund for, amongst others, cultural institutions. It seems it will not be near enough for large venues. Unfortunately, how much money is needed remains uncertain.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Ame Harris

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