Bringing locals and internationals together with ’30 Seconds’

The popular game 30 Seconds is used in Eindhoven as a tool to facilitate meeting people from other countries as well as the Dutch.

Maybe you have played the ’30 Seconds’ game at your house during the holidays: ‘guess as many topics as possible that are cryptically described in under 30 seconds’. A super-fast game that often gets a lot of people laughing.

The familiarity and accessibility of ’30 Seconds’ are the starting points for organizers Frank van der Vleuten and Irene Martens of SamenUITagenda and Eindhoven News. They organise a monthly event in The Student Hotel in which the popular game is centralised. “Whether you speak Dutch or can only understand English,” says Frank van der Vleuten, “the design of the game is an easy way for everyone to laugh with each other.”

These evenings are not only organised because of the popularity, but also to contribute to the integration within Eindhoven. “At Eindhoven News and SamenUITagenda we notice that there is a great need for activities for internationals to interact with the Eindhoveners,” says Irene Martens. “The game brings local and international Eindhoven people into contact with each other by playing in mixed groups, with the result that cultures learn to open up to each other and get to know each other.” The next ’30 Seconds Game Night will be organized on 8 January 2019 at 8 pm in The Student Hotel in Eindhoven. “Above that, it is a pleasant way to improve your Dutch and English, adds Irene.”

SamenUIT/ OUTtogether:
SamenUITagenda/ OUTtogether is a new social network. This online platform is for everyone in Eindhoven! Young, old, international, groups or organisations. Through this platform you can easily meet new people and do fun things. Think of jointly going to a performance, cooking together, making music together or practicing for the marathon.

Eindhoven News:
Eindhoven News provides news and background articles in English for internationals in Eindhoven. By providing news, events and opinion articles in English for the international community of Eindhoven. We hope internationals feel informed, at home, welcome and connected to Eindhoven. The news is about Eindhoven and surroundings and they also publish a selection of events suitable for non-Dutch speakers.

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