Official start construction innovation campus: 400 football pitches of smart manufacturing companies

Monday afternoon, the official start of the construction of Brainport Industries Campus at Landelijke Strijp, Eindhoven takes place.

Unofficially, the construction started a while ago. Today, the official kick-off takes place. Provincial Executive (Gedeputeerde) Erik van Merriënboer, alderman Staff Depla and Edward Voncken, CEO of Eindhoven-based manufacturing company KMWE, take part in the ceremony.

Regional innovative manufacturing companies will collaborate intensively with each other on this campus. Two-hundred hectares will become available for dozens of high-tech manufacturing companies. These include suppliers for ASML and Philips.

All takes place in a green environment. Production, storage, logistics, research and innovation will be shared by companies in a ‘Factory of the Future’.

KMWE and Anteryon are the first companies to move to the Brainport campus. This campus lies close to the A2 motorway and Eindhoven Airport.

Anteryon is a supplier of industrial equipment. KMWE is a supplier to the medical sector, aviation (Boeing, Airbus) and mechanical engineering (General Electric). ICT developers Hightech Software Cluster and Softwareport will move to the campus.

The companies will be joined by Summa College, an MBO college. From August onward, about 1,600 MBO students following technical studies, will be educated here.

At the end of last year, municipality, province and SDK signed the contracts for the construction of the Atrium main building. The total investment in creating this building amounts to 100 million euros. The money will be provided by private companies and the government. The province and municipality provide a loan of more than 11 million euros.

The Atrium will be the heart of the new campus. It will connect various buildings and will be the central place where visitors, educational institutions and employees of high-tech companies meet. The collaboration and exchange will be reflected in the architect’s transparent design.

The Brainport Innovation Campus will take decades to develop.

Souce: Studio040
Translator: Kate

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