Future view of the area between Stratumseind and City Hall

Future look between Stratumseind and City hall
Photo Credit: Eindhoven Municipality

The area between Stratumseind and Eindhoven’s city hall is going to be transformed. The municipality and developer Bem BV have presented a first sketch of what the area will look like shortly, which means more greenery and housing.

Earlier, the square in front of the Designhuis was made greener, with more plants. The current plans include more greenery. There will also be housing in the area. A large and smaller residential tower is planned at the back of the Designhuis, near the Stratumseind. A little further on, near the Stadhuisplein, there will also eventually be a lot of housing.


On the spot where new construction is planned, near the Designhuis, there are now a few old pubs and a laser gaming centre. According to the municipality, this area now makes a messy impression and the emphasis is too much on catering and entertainment.

More details about the plans will follow later. Residents and entrepreneurs in the area will be updated on the developments. The municipality wants to give them room to think about the plans later. Next, the municipal council still has to consider the development. It is not clear when construction could start.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Chaitali Sengupta

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