Summa College wants more flexibility to reflect the region

source: Summa College/Studio 040

Summa College wants more room in education rules to better meet the needs of the labour market in the region.

On Wednesday, Summa had a conversation with a committee of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. In it, the MBO* institution says that it should become easier to start new programmes.

“If we want to start a new programme, we now have to go through a formal decision-making procedure of at least two years. Such lead times do not fit in today’s market and certainly not in our innovative Brainport region,” says Summa board chairperson Laurent de Vries. According to De Vries, the stark differences between the educational levels of MBO, HBO and university education also have to end.

Personal learning pathway

“Students should be able to combine work and learning and follow a personal learning route adapted to their level. In our vision, students will soon be able to follow part of their course at MBO and another part at HBO or University level, for example”, De Vries says.

Education in the region is a hot topic, especially now that the government is making a large investment in the region, a large part of which will go to education. Education should increase the number of graduates who can work in the flourishing high-tech industry, in view of the high demand for technical workers. The Hague has made a hefty sum available to make this possible. Nearly 450 million euros will be poured into education in Eindhoven and the surrounding area until 2030.

Eye of the storm

Next week, the committee Summa spoke to will debate the issue. “I assume my appeal will be taken up by political parties,” De Vries says. “Summa College is firmly rooted in the Brainport region. It is therefore in the middle of the drive to safeguard the earning power of the Netherlands. The big question for us as MBO: what skills are needed in this tight labour market for the jobs of tomorrow.”

Source: Studio040

*MBO HBO WO: a continuum of educational levels from practical to theoretical. Mid-level vocational, Higher level vocational, University. (EN editor)

For Eindhoven news :Shanthi Ramani

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