Street harassments not reduced

Street intimidation not reduced
Photo Credit: Studio040/ Stop Intimidatie app

The Stop Harassment app was launched in November last year. So far more than 30 reports have been made. The app aimed to make it clear whether there were concentrations of street harassment in certain places. These public spaces were to be monitored to make adjustments. 


That’s about ten reports per month across the city. “Currently, based on that number, we do not yet see any clear hotspots in the city where street harassment is common,” the municipality informed. So no measures have yet been taken on the streets because the number of reports is still too low to estimate where they should be deployed.


Eight people wanted to get in touch with the municipality. The municipality approached them and helped them further where necessary. These were reports of hissing, sexual gestures, asking for sex, annoying stalking, or touching.

In the Stop Harassment app, it is possible to report if you have been in contact with street harassment. With this, the municipality wants to be able to map where and how often harassment occurs. It is therefore not a way to report harassment; this still goes through the police.

Source Studio040

Translated by Chaitali Sengupta

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