Eindhoven residents unanimous about coexistence with refugees

Eindhoven residents unanimous on coexistence with refugees
Photo Credit: Studio040

The municipality of Eindhoven conducted a representative consultation in the Autumn of 2023. It is now evident from the consultation that the residents of Eindhoven are unanimous about what is important when living with refugees in the city.

Eindhoven residents find it most important that refugees are independent. They want them to know the Dutch language and culture and that they work or follow an education. In and around a reception location, the municipality must ensure safety and livability for everyone in the neighborhood. In addition, Eindhoven residents would like to participate in discussions about what the municipality should arrange if a reception location is opened in their neighbourhood.

These are the main conclusions of a representative consultation among more than 3,300 residents of the city. The consultation follows the May 2023 council decision to accommodate more asylum seekers in Eindhoven. ‘Living together from day one’ is the starting point.

The striking point of the outcome is the high degree of unanimity among Eindhoven residents: people of different education levels, ages, and from different neighbourhoods chose the same priorities. Even residents with a predominantly negative or predominantly positive attitude agree on what is important about living with refugees in the city. Motivations did differ, however.

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The municipality attaches great value to the results of the consultation. It gives a good picture of which measures have the most support and why. The results of the consultation will therefore be incorporated into the policy on ‘Living together from day one’.

In line with the outcomes, the municipality will start a trial as soon as possible in which asylum seekers in Eindhoven can immediately start working or studying and learning the Dutch language. By removing restrictions, they can participate immediately. This promotes integration and living together.

Source: Studio040

Translated by Chaitali Sengupta

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