Best combats housing shortage

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The municipality of Best is working on a comprehensive plan to tackle the housing shortage. By 2040, 4,100 homes must be added, the majority of which will be affordable for starters on the housing market. An ambitious plan that raises the question of how Best will achieve this.

“It is a challenge, but we think it is feasible,” says councillor Stan van der Heijden. “We choose to build high in various places, because then you don’t have to deal with ground-level houses,” Van der Heijden continues. According to him, this means that there will be more apartments in the village. For example, a residential tower with fourteen floors will be built near the station.

In Best, the demand for living space for one- or two-person households is growing, according to the councillor. “If you look at our current housing supply and what there is demand for, we really have some catching up to do.” In recent decades, mainly single-family homes have been built in the more expensive price range and, according to Van der Heijden, this must be compensated with affordable housing.


The municipality aims for a percentage of 30 per cent social rent for every construction project, 40 per cent affordable purchase up to 390,000 euros and 30 percent of the homes may cost more than that amount. The concept of ‘affordable’ is debatable. “390,000 euros is hardly affordable for many people who earn an average income,” according to a critical note from councillor Steven van der Heijden (PvdA/GroenLinks).

The councillor admits that a house costing almost 400,000 euros cannot necessarily be described as affordable. “That is a lot of money, but we are also going to build a percentage in the price range up to 275,000 euros. That is a feasible amount for people who want to start on the housing market.” The municipality also wants to accommodate future buyers by schemes such as making a starter loan possible.

In the coming period, the municipal council will form an opinion on ‘the public housing programme’, as the plan is officially called. The village council will then take a decision in March.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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