Pali Group slaughterhouse closes doors in Geldrop

Slachthuis (slaughterhouse) Pali Group closes doors
Photo credit: Alain Heeren/Studio040

The Pali Group’s pig slaughterhouse at the Industrial Park in Geldrop will close its doors early next year, the company has decided. Local residents have been complaining about the smell around the slaughterhouse for years.

The Pali Group does not see any opportunities for further growth in Geldrop due to restrictions in the permit. Due to the nuisance experienced by local residents, the municipality last year imposed specific requirements on the door policy. It appeared that the smell came mostly through the open doors. Also there were regulations set on the disposal of slaughterhouse waste.


From April onwards, pigs will be slaughtered at Compaxo, with which Pali Group collaborates. Some of it is then further processed at Pali Meat in Oss. The company believes it can grow further with these alterations.

Odour nuisance

Residents have been complaining about odour nuisance for years. They reported a pungent smell of dead pigs in combination with noise. The municipality then had an investigation carried out. It turned out that the stench wasn’t too bad.

The Pali Group has its head office in Den Bosch. More than a thousand employees work there.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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