Vet visits expensive for lower income group

Vet visits expensive for lower income group
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It is expensive to visit the vet for your pets.  The Party for the Animals therefore wanted to help people with the lowest incomes pay their vet bills. That proposal was swept off the table by a majority of the Eindhoven City Council.

The idea with which many parties sympathised, but only the SP, Ouderen Appél, and the initiators voted in favour. “I don’t have to explain to you that a pet gives a lot of love and pleasure. Especially among the group of low income owners, they help prevent loneliness and offer support to go on,” PvdD council member Virginia Jonkers expressed the need. “It is therefore worse when an animal becomes ill and one cannot care for it.”

Amsterdam and Helmond

Jonkers used Helmond and Amsterdam as examples. In those cities, people with the lowest incomes can get a voucher worth three hundred euros to help pay for pet medical expenses. According to the councillor in charge, Saskia Lammers, such a scheme is unnecessary here. “In Eindhoven, we have the Meedoen contribution. This contribution is generous and can be used to spend on e.g. vet costs.”

According to the councillor, there are also already several initiatives for people with pets. The Pink Foundation, for instance, holds a so-called chip week once a year, during which pets can be microchipped. They are also exploring other options, like spaying and neutering at a low cost.

Source: Studio040

Translated by Chaitali Sengupta


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