Bigger homes for Dierenrijk tigers

Picture credit : Pixabay

The tiger enclosures at Dierenrijk in Mierlo are getting a makeover. The plan is to make the enclosures twice as big. These spacious homes will be ready by May this year.

Dierenrijk plans to do the expansion by adding their old cheetah enclosure to the current tiger grounds. The project will adhere to the principles of natural environment for the tigers. The animals can look forward to an upgraded enclosure that lets them feel very much at home. Sander van der Heul of Dierenrijk says “Water plays an important role in this. Our Amur tigers like to be found in the water,” A couple of Amur tigers from Beekse Bergen will move here after the renovation.

For the children who will be visiting to see the tigers in their new environment, there is more good news. A new water playground is coming up near the tiger enclosure.  Several play lakes and other attractions will soon have children having a lot of fun at Dierenrijk.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Muktha Kartik

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