Klompengat musicians share their music throughout pubs in Best

Photo credit: Studio040

No one who was in Klompengat could ignore it. The trumpets, saxophones and drums could be heard throughout the village. “We have eleven mop bands* that will make music in all cafes throughout Best.”

Of course you need a musical instrument for that. “I play the saxophone, but I just dumped it in someone’s hand to have a drink. That is very important here.”

It’s not just mopping* that is popular. “We had sausage bread and beer, so the day couldn’t be better,” says another musician. And there is something else to celebrate. “One of our members gave birth last night. She danced on Friday and Saturday, did not drink alcohol and now she has a child.” So who knows, he or she might participate in Klompengat in the future.

*No mops involved. A mop band (dweilorkest) is a traditional carnival band moving from pub to pub to play typical carnival music. The name may come from the swerving course these beer loving bands take. (Info added by EN editor)


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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