Enexis to invest heavily in the electric grid

Power grid
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Grid operator Enexis will invest heavily in the expansion and maintenance of the power network over the next ten years. This was announced by the company, which is also active in the Eindhoven region. The Brainport region has been reaching the limits of its power capacity for some time now.

It has previously become clear how dire the need is in the growing high-tech region. Due to network shortages, Tennet announced last year that companies could no longer be connected to the network. And Enexis announced last spring that 160 companies in Southeast Brabant are waiting for a connection to the power grid. The problems could have major consequences for the region’s growth ambitions.


To prevent further problems, Enexis wants to invest heavily in the electricity network. “We are going to expand all 125 existing high-voltage stations and build dozens of these types of stations. Over the next three years we will invest three billion euros to expand our networks, and approximately 1.5 billion euros in the maintenance and management of the current infrastructure,” says Jeroen Sander of Enexis. Some of the investments will also land in the Eindhoven region. In the near future, Enexis will sit down with the province, municipalities and other involved companies.

Climate ambitions

In addition to companies being put on hold, the shortages also put a brake on the climate ambitions of the city and region. Previously, regional director of Enexis Peter Lemmens told Studio040 that he doubts whether the climate goals can be achieved. Because the region needs to get rid of fossil fuels, the electricity grid is increasingly being used.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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