Silent march not so silent after all

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A silent march was the plan for Eindhoven on Sunday evening. It was meant to commemorate all the victims in the conflict between Israel and Hamas. However, it mainly turned into a march against Israel. The organisers of “Our Children Our Voice” stressed that it was supposed to be a silent march. Yet, people shouted slogans such as ‘Free Palestine’ and ‘Israel terrorists’.

About five hundred people attended the march. The organisers still tried to quiet the crowd but it didn’t help. Many people kept shouting slogans.

The silent march started in 18 September square, after which the participants took a diversion to the City Hall square. There, speeches were made and the names of victims were read out.

For all victims

People walking along had been urged to bring a tea light or LED light and many participants complied. They also came in dark clothing, as requested by the organisation. “It’s a march for all victims, Palestinian and Israeli,” said half-Palestinian Tanya Sanderink from Hilvarenbeek who helped organise the procession. That it did not become a silent march, she finds understandable. “Given all the emotions involved, I can understand that.”

The march was otherwise peaceful and without incident.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani

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