King mentions Brainport as a basis for prosperity

King WIllem-Alexander
King WIllem-Alexander laid out the Netherlands' fiscal plans for the next year on the the recent Prinsjesdag. Photo credit: Netherlands Government Information Service (RVD)/Studio040

In his speech on Budget Day, King Willem-Alexander cited Brainport Eindhoven and its entrepreneurs as the basis for prosperity in the Netherlands.  Focus areas for investments include education, public housing and the energy transition. 


According to the king, earning is not so much done by the employees in the Brainport region, but mainly by the entrepreneurs.“It is the entrepreneurs who provide the financial resources to tackle major social issues. The government continues to strive for the most attractive business climate possible, taking into account the problems that entrepreneurs face, such as the tight labour market,” said King Willem-Alexander.


The investments must be paid for by the country’s resourceful business community. “The foundation of our prosperity is laid every day by innovative Dutch businesses, from family businesses to multinationals and from farms to Brainport Eindhoven. Earning always comes before distributing”, said the king.


The current cabinet is outgoing, so it is not possible to delve deeply into government policy. A new cabinet will be elected during the House of Representatives elections on November 22.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Seetha




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