Trees get a second life as school buildings

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In Best there will be a primary school made of poplars from the village. Next week, 107 trees will be cut down. It does justice to the history of the village. The building is expected to be ready in 2025. 


Director Marieke Snoeks of De Heydonck primary school was tipped off by the mayor to use the wood from Best. “Almost all of Best is full of poplars. I think it is important that the children understand that you have to be careful with nature, with the earth. And that you should use local entrepreneurs in the area”.

The wood of the poplars will be explicitly visible inside and outside the school. “The outside will soon be covered with planks. And we are going to use wooden pillars. You also see wooden cladding on the inside”.


Poplars grew in Best for the clog and match industries. “Best has the nickname of clog village during carnival. Eighty percent of the population here had something to do with the clogs. Whether they were farmers or the many clog makers who were here. The largest clog factory in the Netherlands was in Best”.

Nowadays that is different. The wood from the trees is now usually shredded and exported to China. “Best is a poplar village. The poplar is in the genes of the Best population,” says René Westerlaken of the Brabant Poplar Association. He is pleased that their school is now being built.


The Brabant Poplar Association thinks it’s fantastic. “We are becoming increasingly economical in the places where we live and work,” says René Westerlaken. Poplars that used to stand along the A2 have been used before. For bridges and benches, but also for the new building of Best Zoo. “We think that the poplars will be increasingly used for construction”.

The trees on the Sint-Oedenrodeseweg in Best will be cut down as of next week. Then they have to dry first. The trees are then sawn, planed and further treated. After nine months they are ready for construction.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Seetha

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