Another sheep killed by wolf on Groote Heide

Sheep victim wolf De Groote Heide
Photo credit: Pixabay/Studio040

Another sheep has been attacked by a wolf on De Groote Heide nature reserve in Heeze. This emerged from a DNA investigation by platform BIJ12, an organisation that keeps track of wolf numbers for provinces.

Whether it is the infamous wolf GW1625m is not yet clear. This is because many different DNA samples are being tested at the same time, Christiaan Jansen of Bij12 explains. The deceased sheep was bitten to death on 9 July. That it is only now clear that a wolf is the culprit can be explained. Jansen: “We first see if it is actually caused by a wolf and then we see which ‘individual’ it is”.

Often hit

Several sheep were previously bitten to death in this regional nature reserve. Many of these sheep were killed by “infamous” wolf with the number GW1625m. It is a male wolf that lives mainly in the area around Heeze, Someren and Weert.

The animal was especially active in recent years. He is said to have killed more than a hundred sheep during this time. Whether the wolf is also responsible for this sheep will become clear later. “Every quarter we do a DNA analysis of all samples to see which wolf it is, the next result will come at the end of September”.

It is argued that imbalance of nature (no space to roam and live a natural life for the wolf) is the cause.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob


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