Preparation Park Hilaria in full swing

Park Hilaria
Photo credit: Studio040

The last attractions are being put together, and then the Eindhoven fair can start next Friday. With more than 90 attractions, there is something for everyone at Park Hilaria. It also gets a bit more expensive.


All those 90 attractions must be ready before the start of the fair, and according to Scheepstra that was not always easy with the weather of the past few days. “The weather has been pretty bad, everything is wet and the ground is a bit softer. That does make construction more difficult, but we will do everything we can to be ready on time”.


And just like the prices in the supermarket and at the pump, the fair has also become more expensive. “We have set maximum ride prices. A fair ride may not cost more than six euros here at Park Hilaria. And fortunately that has been going well here for years”.

“It is logical that a fair ride becomes more expensive. If all prices go up, then the fair is of course no exception to the rule. We also have to pay for the same bread in the supermarket as everyone else, and fill up with the same diesel oil. So a ride this year is a bit more expensive, yes,” explains fairground operator Pierre Swinkels.


The weather of the past few days has been very changeable and so the question is how many visitors will come. Normally there are about 450,000 on a weekly basis. “If the weather is as sunny as it is now, then it will be fine. A rain shower is disastrous, but unfortunately we cannot control it. Let’s hope for the best,” said fairground operator Henri Hoefnagels.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Seetha


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