New Van Gogh Village Museum in Nuenen a success

The renovated Van Gogh Village Museum Picture credit: Studio040/Van Gogh Village

The first three months after the renovated Van Gogh Village Museum in Nuenen opened have proved to be successful. With an average of 4,500 visitors a month, the museum achieves a higher score than predicted. Moreover, those visitors rate their visit highly. Current analysis shows that visitors rate the museum 9+ out of 10. 

The satisfaction analysis that is currently done shows that two thirds of the visitors agree that Van Gogh Village Museum Nuenen succeeds in showing the story behind the master, which creates a renewed interest in his works. Vincent’s Light Lab, a special feature in the museum, has seemingly managed to achieve what it set out to do. Frans van den Eijnden, director of the Van Gogh Village foundation, is happy with the cooperation between the museum and ASML: “The Light Lab explains what light is, and how Van Gogh used light and colour in his works”.

The plans for the renovation and enlargement of the museum took into account the ever growing interest in Van Gogh and his life, both at home and abroad. Director Simone van der Heiden saw many visitors from Nuenen and the region. “Lately, vistors tend to be mainly holiday makers who find their way to the new museum. These tourists come from the netherlands but alsoas well as from further afield”.

Over 90 per cent of the museum visors combine their tour with a visit to Nuenen village to see the Van Gogh monuments, do the walking tour, or visit the village centre. Van der Heiden is happy that restaurants and shops also benefit from the influx of visitors.

One of the monuments: the potato eaters

Potato eaters’ house

The satisfaction analysis also shows that visitors are enthusiastic about the new film ‘Becoming Vincent’ as well as the reconstruction of the potato eaters’ cottage. Visitors can sit down inside the potato eaters’ room, a feature most people appreciated.

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