Eindhoven’s first electric trailer home

Eindhoven's first electric caravan

One of the first electric trailer homes in the Netherlands has recently been installed at the trailer park on the Alblasstraat in Eindhoven.

It is unique because all other trailer homes at the trailer camps in Eindhoven still run on gas. Yvon had the honour of meeting her new trailer home with her family at the camp on Thursday. The policy plan of the municipality of Eindhoven states that more than fifty pitches for trailer home residents must be added in the next ten years. These would be placed on the existing fourteen trailer camps of Wooninc. and therefore, the limited space must be considered.

“Not every camp can be expanded, so some pitches have to be split off or made smaller to receive a family member at the trailer camp. In addition, the new trailer homes that the residents can rent from us are getting smaller. A pitch will be a maximum of 150 m2,” explains Maarten Prinsen of Wooninc.

Smaller but gas-free observes the Housing Corporation, which wants to keep up with the times. “We want no more gas to be used and all trailer homes to become fully electric. That will be a task because there are no electric trailer homes in Eindhoven except for these.”


Image credit: Wooninc

Waiting list

For many years there has been a huge waiting list for people who want a place at one of the seventeen trailer locations in the city. There are now more than a hundred people on that list, and the waiting time can be up to twenty years. Relatives of trailer home residents are now given priority, but Yvon has had to wait for years. “I don’t remember how long, but at a certain point, I thought it would never happen. Something came up every time, and it took so long. When my husband died and my son could live on his own, I gave him our trailer, and I went to live in an apartment myself. So now I’m finally back. ”

“It feels like coming home again. I now live next to a cousin of mine, and I still know everyone at the camp. That is nice after all these years.”

Real trailer

Yvon’s caravan is, therefore one of the most modern among all other trailers, yet nothing is visible from the outside. “I just wanted the brick slips as you see on all other trailers and no bare flat walls. That’s why it’s good that we discussed the appearance together with Wooninc.”

“Of course, it is and remains a trailer home. The design is modern. We can prepare this within a month and assemble it on location. It used to take months for that, and other residents were bothered by the noise. That is a big advantage,” says Prinsen. “The wheels may not be on it anymore, but if you want, we can move the caravan in a few weeks if necessary.”

At the end of August, Yvon expects to be able to move into her new house and will go back to her roots after all these years.

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