Brainport calls on The Hague to follow through

Photo credit: Studio040

The government should still press ahead, despite having fallen. That is the message of Paul van Nunen, director of Brainport Development. “The region is facing many problems and challenges. We cannot afford a six-month delay.”

So Van Nunen warns against delay. The fast-growing high-tech region really can’t use that, because decisions are needed in many areas. Things are squeaking and creaking in many places. For instance, there is a shortage of housing, teachers and GPs. Roads are also congested and energy supply needs serious consideration. “For us, therefore, the most important thing is that we do not come to a standstill.”


Van Nunen: “We need the cabinet to develop the region further, when we look at energy transition, labour market and power supply problems, for example. Where we see room to move forward with the cabinet, we will look for solutions.”

Another national election is expected in November. After that, it could be many months before a new government is in place.


Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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