Trial with hundreds of homes near airport

housing units at flight forum
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Between 250 and 550 temporary homes are to be built at Flight Forum. With this, Eindhoven wants to offer students and PhD students new to the city, a first place to stay in the area. The units are to be placed at the business park next to the airport.

The houses may be occupied for a maximum of six months, with a possible six-month extension. Sixty per cent of the housing units are to be in the affordable segment, with 40 per cent social housing. If the trial of the temporary housing is successful, many more units could be placed in the area, according to the municipality.


Overall, there is a need for “thousands” of short-stay units, especially for international visitors to the region such as expats, migrant workers and, as mentioned, students and PhD students. Moreover, the short-stay residences offer a godsend to the municipality because they do not fall in the category of housing construction. In fact, that is not allowed in the area. The temporary residences fall under the ‘hotel function’, which means they are allowed in the airport area.


The college hopes that by the end of 2024 the first dwellings can be placed; the dwellings should then remain in the Flight Forum business park for 15 years. Who should (co)finance and operate the homes is not yet known.


Besides contributing a solution to the housing shortage in Eindhoven, the temporary housing units should also bring the necessary liveliness to Flight Forum.

Eindhoven wants the area to flourish in the coming years, but as yet it is certainly not bustling. The arrival of the temporary housing may therefore also contribute to the liveliness of the area outside office hours.


Source: Studio040

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