Water organisations call for water conservation

picture credit: Waterschap Dommel

The Province of North Brabant is calling on residents to use water sparingly. The call is also made on behalf of the water board De Dommel and Brabant Water.

On Thursday it rained after a month and a half. But the drought in the region is still severe. “We can’t take water for granted anymore,” the province writes. “We have noticed that in recent dry weeks, despite after such a wet spring. Every drop of water now counts in Brabant.”


Long periods of drought are increasingly common in summer. So water has to be used sparingly. “At home, meanwhile, we try to save the plants in the garden by watering them, and agriculture has to use extra water for irrigation. We can’t keep this up. The (ground) water supply is running out.”

Economical shower button

The province also reminds industry and the agricultural sector of their responsibility. But they believe that individual residents can also do their part. An economical shower knob and a small flush button on the toilet can save a lot of groundwater, the province reports.

“Finally, it is good to let rainwater run from the roof into the garden and to remove tiles from the garden. Moreover, on summer days it is desirable to water the garden with rainwater, and preferably after sunset,” the province said. Earlier, Waterschap de Dommel also informed that with less rainfall drought, especially in the south of the water board, can be a reality quickly.

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