Registration opens for Marathon Eindhoven

Marathon posponed to 2021
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Registration for the 39th edition of Marathon Eindhoven is open. Participants can race for various distances on October 7 and 8. The organization expects to surpass the previous edition, with more than 25,000 participants.

In addition to the full and half marathon, there is a City Run of 5 kilometers or a quarter marathon of over 10 kilometers. For the little ones, there is always the one-mile Mini Marathon.

According to Sports Councilor Maes van Lanschot, the distance is not important. “Whether you just turned 4 and completed your very first 1,600 meters or want to set a great top time at the 42,195 meters, this running event is an experience for everyone. It is a tradition for young and old, beginners and pros, classmates and colleagues. Sports and fun go together very well here.”

Walkers and their own marathon

A day before the marathon, you can participate in the Urban Walk—a walk from 12 to 20 kilometers straight through Eindhoven along undiscovered places and buildings.

Some people prefer to run a marathon at their own pace. They do not want to be seen among the crowds on Sunday. For them, there is the Your Marathon as discovered by ASML. Walkers complete the last 1195 meters of their marathon in Eindhoven on Saturday and have the other 41 kilometers run at different times at their own pace.

Source: Studio040

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