Increasing chance of forest fires in the region

Risk of forest fires increase
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It is rather strange that warnings about the risk of forest fires are issued after a couple of chilly months. Stage 2 is currently in effect throughout the province, indicating an increased wildfire risk. Why is this?

March and April were downright rainy and the first part of May wasn’t significant either. It wasn’t great for us, but it was nice for nature. Previous years had seen an early rainfall deficit. Now there was none.

But hardly any rain fell since mid-May. And now the fire department is warning about the risk of wildfires. How can the ground be so dry after that long wet period? Weather forecaster Rico Schroeder of Weerplaza has an answer.

Combination of sun and wind

“It has to do with evaporation. It has been dry for over two weeks and there is a lot of wind. As a result, a lot of water is evaporating, about three to four millimeters daily.”

Despite the wet spring, there is a precipitation deficit of about 66 millimeters nationwide. Deeper into the ground, water levels are still fine, says Schroeder. But with the sunny weather and wind, the moisture has evaporated from the top layer of the soil. That top layer is dehydrated and so the danger of a wildfire is lurking. For example, there was a small wildfire in Heeze on Tuesday.

The prediction is that it will remain dry for the coming period. Schroeder expects the precipitation deficit to increase further, to 114 millimeters. “And then we will be above average.” The chance of rain and thunderstorms seems to increase only in the second half of June.

Source: OmroepBrabant

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