Ratha Yatra festival takes over 18 Septemplein

Rath Yatra Eindhoven Picture credit : Studio040/Bas Schuts

The 18 Septemberplein will be the setting for the Ratha Yatra festival this Saturday. Visitors immerse themselves in Indian culture with food stalls, Indian clothing and artefacts. The day’s highlight is the cart that pulls through the city, handing out fruit and sweets to passers-by.

The Indian community takes over the 18 September Square for a day during the Ratha Yatra festival. In the morning, there are stalls with Indian books, food and artefacts. There is also a henna artist who transforms your hand into a work of art.

There is also a stage with music and dance, and you can participate in a yoga lesson. The festival aims to radiate tolerance, non-violence and unity, regardless of religion or background. The community does this, among other things, by offering a free vegetarian meal.

Travelling cart

The main activity of the program is the travelling cart that pulls through the city. ‘Ratha’ means cart, and ‘Yatra’ means journey. The journey starts at Trudoplein and arrives 2.5 hours later on 18 Septemberplein. Fruit and sweets are handed out along the way. The cart is accompanied by ringing bells, drums and incense. On the cart is the image of Jagannatha, the ‘Lord of the Universe’. This usually is only seen in the temple. The festival is freely accessible to everyone. Thousands of Indians live and work in the Eindhoven region. Most of them work in the engineering sector.

Source: Studio 040

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