Free LED light bulbs on Day of Light

LED light bulbs International Day of Light Philipsdorp
Photo credit: Signify/Studio040

Everyone uses light, but not everyone is aware of its impact. That’s why Signify and GLOW are handing out free LED bulbs to residents of Eindhoven’s Philipsdorp (philips village) during the International Day of Light.

About a hundred volunteers will be going from door to door in Philipsdorp. Residents can exchange old bulbs for sustainable LED bulbs. With this action, Signify hopes to create awareness that these energy-efficient bulbs are better for the environment and the wallet.

“We cannot function without light. Yet we all use an unnecessary amount of energy for light, polluting our planet. This is a shame and can be done better. There are many things that everyone can apply right away. Switching to LED lighting is one of them”, Hellen van der Plas, Market Leader Signify Benelux, says.

The Shadow Organ

GLOW also brings the light installation ‘Het Schaduworgel’ (‘the shadow organ’) to the elderly of Vitalis Vonderhof. Het Schaduworgel is an interactive installation that projects moving images on the walls of houses. The artwork was on display last year during GLOW in Eindhoven. Not everyone is able to walk the festival route. That’s why Het Schaduworgel is brought to these people. After the visit, the artwork will drive through the streets of Philipsdorp.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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