ASML buys houses on Heerseweg – What next?

Heerseweg. Picture credit : Omroep Brabant

Thirteen homes on Heerseweg in Veldhoven are sold to ASML. The deal was closed a few months after the negotiations started. Now, the chip machine manufacturing company is the new owner.

Omroep Brabant reports that the contacts between the company and the residents are excellent, according to both parties. In February, it was announced that ASML had set its sights on all houses on one side of the Heerseweg. It fits in with the strategy of the company, which has already spent millions on plots around the current ASML campus. This paves the way for futuristic expansion.

Resident initiative

Previously, a resident of the Heerseweg reported about the ambitions of the company. He wondered: “Does it still make sense to start a renovation, given the turbulent growth of the neighbour?”. Or did the chip machine manufacturer want to buy some houses already?

All thirteen owners jointly negotiated, and an agreement was reached a few months later. Both parties describe the relationship between the residents and ASML as ‘super good’. The company did not force anyone to leave and amicably arrived at a good solution and an appropriate price.

Over a million

The selling prices of the houses are unknown. Local residents speculate the price to be  ‘twice the asking price’ or ‘twice the WOZ value’. Both ASML and the residents did not want to disclose the facts to Omroep Brabant. However, public records indicate that at least one of the houses was sold for more than a million dollars—the last WOZ value (property guideline value) of that property was 606,000 euros.

“You have to put that price into perspective a bit. People also need to be able to start something new in a comfortable way,” says Teun Wartenbergh, director of real estate at ASML. He is happy that it went so quickly: “That surprised us too.” ASML has ensured that everyone can buy something new without having to take out a new mortgage. “You can’t just say: you have to leave and good luck with the mortgage.”

A new road this year

But what will happen to Heerseweg now that the chip machine manufacturer is in charge? ASML assures that residents will have until the end of 2026 to move out, after which the houses will be demolished. However, a new road between the tennis courts and the houses will be built quickly. Part of the backyards will have to be sacrificed for that this year.

Residents who sold their property will not be bothered by this because almost everyone has already found a new home. ASML promises to keep the vacant buildings tidy so that the streetscape does not deteriorate. The plan is not to rent out the homes in the short term. After the demolition, there may be a green strip, although new buildings are not excluded either.

For Eindhoven news: Beena Arunraj

Source: Studio040 and Omroep Brabant.


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