Code Yellow for Friday afternoon

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Code yellow has been announced until eleven o’clock tonight. Though the temperature is good for the liberation parties, a heavy shower now and then can be a dampener.

On Friday morning, the sun will show its best side in Brabant. But that will change in the course of the morning, according to Rico Schröder, a weatherman at Weerplaza. “From one o’clock, heavy downpours are expected.

“In the coming hours, more nimbostratus clouds will gradually form. These can develop into heavy rain and thunderstorms, sometimes it could hail too. The showers are accompanied by strong gusts of wind and large amounts of water,” Rico describes the weather situation for Friday afternoon.

According to Rico, the downpours will not last too long.”That is difficult to say with these kinds of showers. The necessary showers are coming, but they really do not fall everywhere in the province. The showers last five to ten minutes. Then the sun breaks through again, and we have to wait for the next shower. With a temperature of twenty degrees, it is still good.”

Southeast has longer bad weather
In the course of the afternoon, the number of showers from the southwest decreases. “From that moment on, the west of our province will shine more often and longer. It will remain dry there by the end of the afternoon,” says the weatherman. “In the southeast of the province, the showers last longer. It only gets really dry there in the second half of the evening.”

Saturday will have a misty and foggy start, according to Rico. “That is due to all the wetness. On Saturday, there is more room for the sun, and it will certainly remain dry until the evening.”

Source: Omroep Brabant

For Eindhoven News: Beena Arunraj


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